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Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Hye boxes!

Salaam. Hey there, whatsapp? =). Well, currently I am kind of busy folding my boxes to get shipping to Malaysia from Manipal, India. Yeah, it is such a bored thing to even bother because you have to sellotape your boxes so well so that it won't get damaged so easily if by chance the boxes are thrown here and there during the process of shipping. Please and so many please I beg to those who take care of our belongings, please take care of all the boxes very well, don't simply throw them without sympathy.:'( I am scared of my boxes getting wet because there are so many boxes inside together with my clothes, the precious one. You don't know how they mean to us. =.=.. I've done only two boxes. Remaining is still on-the-go-list.. Waaaaa, I don't wanna leave this place. :(
Baru DUA settle. Waaa! :(
Just now, after lepaking at the Teaze( a place where bubble teas are sold), we (whom I refer to Mun, Mira and me) made our ways to the Nandini store, who owns by a blur uncle. Haha. Most of our times in Manipal, Nandini is one of the places we love to chit-chat, talk and talk and spend our times there when we are about to crack our minds after a lot of studying. We talked and talked and suddenly I think of something. I looked over his counter where there is 'a thing' we wrote last night. Something that I hope it won't fade off even if the water spills over the writings. It is such a memory. :(. Goodbye uncle. And goodbye akka too( akka happens to be his wife. She's so cute, I mean the way she talk. ;)
Tak balut lagi. :(
Hey guys, I think I have to stop now. Gotta continue packing. Will update later. Owh, btw last but not least, here is a note to a creature whom I used to call panda. Yeah, the big, fatty kind of thing who happens to be so spherical due to the excessive of eating and sleeping with lack of exercises. :P

Dear creature,

Sometimes we are given too much responsibilities and tasks.
Not because they hate us, but because they believe us. Not because they want you to suffer, but because they trust you. =)..  And most of the time, as the consequences, there'll be a lot of tensions, stresses cloud the mind at the end of the day. If this thing happens, the performance tends to plummet. Don't ever ever let that happen. Don't break their trusts and believes. Keep on smiling and enjoy the tasks you've been given. Keep up the spirits and never let the small things crack your heart. 
B E S T OF L U C K!! (^_^)

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Anonymous said...

Salam Hi Fitrilina...its been a while didnt talk to you, you bz ke? study camna? shat? hope to hear from you soon :) Fariz.