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Friday, August 5, 2011

Mixed Feelings.

Salaam Ramadhan, world.

Believe it or not, it is already 4 days of Ramadhan, yeah I didn't even realize about this.:).. 4 days of our meeting/ mulaqat with beloved Ramadhan. There are too many differences I do feel in this month compared to the other month. I don't know how to explain, but I really feel so good. Month of Barakah, insyaAllah. :). Use this chance to get closer to Him and maintain it for the rest of the years. Ameen.

As Ramadhan is passing by, this means that the time left for me in Manipal is really really short. Very short. Mixed feelings haunt me anyway. Feeling good because I really can't wait to meet my family esp. my parents because yeah, I miss them so much. Feeling sad because I really love this place. Good lecturers, cool the way of studying and many more. Feeling relieved because at last, we will be freed from those TEMPE. And feeling so disappointed because, I lost one friend, very good friend of mine, very cool and funny, but unfortunately things happened and we split. Okay, stop or I might burst again. :"(

Well, just so you know I should have started packing, as very soon, these boxes will be collected but i didn't even started at all. Gonna start maybe tonight, we'll see the mood first. Ngeee~.. (^_^).

This coming Monday I might have end posting examination for Medicine. I don't really start studying but at least I have opened the book right? Hee.. :) Okay, I have to gather all the spirits and start doing what things I should have done so long before. Good luck, Nurul Fitrilina! :)

And btw, to Cik Noor Hasmira Binti Bismi,

Cik Mira kita yea.:)

DEAR... May Allah s.w.t bless you always. Sayang sangat kat awak.. ;")

Usrah team-mates. :)

IDK why but this picture really proves me that I am so boolat. Moga dapat kurus raya nanti. teeeheee :)

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