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Thursday, August 25, 2011

Home sweet home

Salaam.. Hey ya!! Hey hey! Hola! Hello! :D..

Alhamdulillah, finally reached my dearest home sweet home, at last. :) Location will not be mentioned as it is quite clear where I stay all this while. Okay, mention jela jangan mengada.. :P.. TEROI, GUAR CHEMPEDAK, KEDAH, MALAYSIA..
To be specific I reached home last night at 830pm together with my parents and siblings. They has come all the way to KLIA to pick me up.. Hee... Thanks love. ;))..

Yeah, for the first time this Ramadhan, mak, my sistas and me, we cooked together for the buka-puasa-session.. Love it! ;)) We did cooked simple stuffs  but, well it didn't matter, because I freaking miss mak's cooking!
  • sayur manis lala
  • ikan terubuk( banyak tulang oo) bakar
  • sayur sawi
  • ikan rebus cicah sambal belacan.. Hee..
  • petai bakar.. slurrpp!! :D.. 
  • ayam masak merah
Super delicious, super tasty and finger-lickiciousss.. Hee.. :).. To make buka-puasa more memorable, tok and tokwan together with my kuzie, Ecah came to our house and ate together.. =).. Alhamdulillah..

Just want to say some words, maybe this year, we'll be making kuih and cake by our own because well, mak has already bought some ingredients needed to make cakes and kuih.. Maybe we gonna start making tomorrow or the day after!

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