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Saturday, June 2, 2012

The Birds, Wind and Leaf

The grasses on the wide field move right and left 24 hours continuously
The chirping of birds is heard, as if they asked for help
The wind that blows as calm as a deep night
When will the nature stops behaving as they used to do?
When will the wind stops blowing?
The truth isn't as nice as it seems
Whether you like it or not, it is there, no power to vanish them all

When a dead leaf falls from the tallest tree,
You may never notice the place where it belongs at first
Because it happens under man's will
It falls then it disappears through the ground,
Again by the blows of wind.

The birds, flying up high early morning looking for food
They never have broken spirit, and they never were
Routine day by day from the start of their hearts pumped
 Till the last breath they can make
How I wish to be like them, the birds
Flying free without thinking of the consequences
Without thinking that one day arrow of huntsman may hit them
They just fight, fight and fight
Let's make that happen
Let's be like the birds
Regardless of the ripped heart and stoned soul
We can be better, yes, better.

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