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Thursday, June 14, 2012

Medical student Part 1

Today, I learnt about something, a quality that I really should have had in me, being a medical student; It is called PATIENCE. Yes, I guess most of us do have that kind of quality, the difference is only about how the level of your patience is, and how you develop and maintain it even a worse thing happens in your life. When we had session with one of the hospital specialist of orthopedics in Muar, Mr. Riaz, he actually told us something, that we never think about it, about how the life of medical profession would be, and how will your journey continue. He didn't actually tell us in a direct way, as he spoke about it indirectly, talking about monthly salary of a doctor, from being a houseman, medical officer, specialist and until the level I have never heard about before. 

Back to the topic, being a medical student, I have to be patient almost all the time. 

1. Be patient in taking history of the patients in ward and entertain different kinds of behaviours the patients might have, for example, refuse you to take the history or to do examination. This is the most common scenarios that we, med students have encountered. Sometimes, the patient may shout at you, making irritating face you could never imagine, and even they harsh you with not-so-nice words. But, this is PRIORITY of your daily life as med student, unable to avoid it, by chance. Sometimes, I do feel a little bit tired of facing this, but then when I think back about why I choose this profession, then I try to instill back the patience in my heart, and try to do it with a honest heart I ever have, ignoring all those stuffs, taking it as a challenge. To be successful, you have to sacrifice a lot. 

2. Be patient when you are scolded by the lecturers, hospital staffs and all. These are one of the hardest thing  I found in me, to be achieved. :( I still remembered when I was in Sem 6, I teared when I was scolded by my medicine lecturer, during my end posting. I just couldn't bear it. But, it's okay. With that, I learnt something. Feeling so inferior when you are scolded by the lecturer saying that you are dumb, lazy ass and other stuffs are common things to us, medical students. Sometimes, we have studied, but yet, the lecturers expect more to come out from you. Hmm, yeah being called stupid, I can't really tolerate actually, but please remember, if they don't scold, I don't learn. :)

3. Be patient when you have to study a lot lot lot of things, from a thick thick of books. This is so cannot escape. Hehe. It's okay, refresh the niat. Study hard and smart! And one more thing, to complete studying isn't easy, sometimes, I have to be so motivated so that I don't stop in the middle of struggling. It's okay, get your spirit from your loved one, your parents and siblings. And the most important things, always pray to the Most Merciful, Allah swt. May He ease our way.

Maybe, that's all for now. I will continue later when I have time. Till then, Assalamualaikum. :)

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