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Monday, June 18, 2012


Logams. Do I have those? I have searched countless times, but it seems that I don't find any. Not a single thing. *sigh*

They maybe have, but I don't. Or maybe, I don't have the chance to discover that., maybe? 

I know, somewhere, I do have my own logams, but maybe not now, even there are certain things that at 

first, I really thought they are my strengths but they aren't.

 I lose the talent, slowly and slowly and it leaves me unnoticed without warnings.

Goodbye. I would like to close my eyes now, dreaming at my dreamed places, trying to find peace and 

calm, because deep down my heart, it slowly eats my soul away. SLOWLY. 

I used to have them, but not now. I USED TO. 

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