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Thursday, June 21, 2012

End of Long Case Ortho

Today was a long case EOP day. Alhamdulillah, just leave the rest to Him, The Almighty. After this, I have to finish doing my portfolio, two long cases and four short cases. Then, I have to start studying for the mcq and meq.

But before all of that, what I need to do are:

  • tidy up my room
  • wash my dirty clothes
  • keep away my clean clothes
  • Badar war, usrah homework
that's all. 

Note: Just so you know, maybe, after this, I will never mention about anything even I really want you to ask me. If you do remember, do ask me, but if you don't, no reminder again like that. I will not blame you, it's not your fault, because it really a small thing, but such a small remembrance about small thing of mine, really please me. :) It kinda hurt actually, when you have to remind somebody to do something so many times, but they always forget, as if they don't care about you. :(. Peace! Smile again! :)

Salam. :)

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