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Sunday, November 11, 2012


Life's like that, yes like that. Happy Sunday everybody. Today I woke up so so late, like a boss. I know, as a so-called anak dara, it isn't nice to wake up that late. Hee, but I was so tired these few days, thanks I shall say to Surgery. T_T. But, never mind, I should have get used to it, P2S1 is really around the corner actually. About less than 14weeks liddat. Few things happened:

  • Medicine results have come out, Alhamdulillah I passed, even I only got 64. It's okay, I should have be grateful for that matter. Thank you Allah, I shall work harder next time for the remaining Surgery, Paediatrics and ONG which will be followed by P2S1. 
  • I'm going back weeheeeee! On Deepavali with love. :)

That's all. And yes, I am still craving for the ice- cream @_@

#np Our Hearts Are Wrong.

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