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Thursday, November 22, 2012

Salam Awal Muharram :)

Assalamualaikum, dear friends. =))

Hi, we meet again, after so long I guess? Yeah, been having about a week holiday, currently in surgical posting, really kept my day so busy. Anyway, it's not that I don't have idea to babble in Cekelat, it's just that, I don't have time to sit and publish an entry. It's okay, since now I am in a good mood I shall say, let's use it wisely, let's update my days recently.

All in all, as what I've mentioned, I actually just came back from my hometown, Guar Chempedak, Kedah, from a 6 days of holiday (including one day 'buat buat cuti sendiri';p), and this cuti was actually for Deepavali together with the holiday for Awal Muharram, the beginning in Muslim's calendar if you don't know. :).

Part 1: Regarding the holidays, I've spent my time happily at home, yeah, at least a 6 days of holidays was worth compared to that time whereby I just came back home for three days during Hari Raya Haji. :( To take revenge of that, then I went back again this time, with the beloved. :) Being at home, when everybody was there, all my siblings, parents were there, since school holidays have been started already, I had so much joy and fun. My family is a spontaneously-crack-the-jokes-type and I, the one who listened, laughed so much, to their jokes. Alhamdullilah for that ;). Although we didn't go out much that time, (only visited some family members), since my house was under renovation, we still enjoyed ourselves at the place called home. :) Thank you thank you thank you. ;). That's why when I came back to hostel, few days ago, I was so homesick, since sleeping with my sisters has turned into sleeping alone in this room. :( But, never mind, whatever it is, I really have to stay alone, no choice, just have to be patient, and keep my spirit up high, that's the most important things. Thanks to my sistas for the support and to you too :') (I don't actually tell my parents about the homesick feeling I've been experienced last few days, since I didn't want to worry them, let  they know that I am just fine here, struggling hard to excel as a medical student and soon, a doctor, insyaAllah :)

Part 2: Being back at home means being able to date. Haha, so naughty one. ;P. But, in fact, it was true anyway for me. :D. This time around, we chose, again Penang, as the place to visit? Haha, well kinda la. :D. But, for me, this was the special one, very special one, I really realized that, somebody  really take good care of me, love me, and need me. And I do too. :") Thank you for the sad scene, and thank you la for making me teared a bit, because of so grateful having you in my life. :) . I pray to Allah s.w.t to ease our way, and to bless this relationship till we tie the knot and till the day after insyaAllah one fine day, amin :). And now I am tearing but.. shh! :"). And ah, not to forget, thank you for the ice-creammmmmm which I 'kempunan' so much!! :P

Thanks :)

Part 3: Gaza, Palestin vs. Israel. Please guys, have the thought in mind that, we, as Muslims really need to fight for them, need to support them. If we can't really provide those things, like weapons, booms, M16, at least, we pray for them will ya? :") Pray that Allah s.w.t help our siblings out there, in their jihad for Islam. :"). Amin. ;) and it does count. :)

Part 4: Interbatch is back! :) And as usual, I am one of the 'bidan terjun' to play all the games which I really don't have any idea about, just a little skill left, at least to participate. :P. Done with basketball and badminton. And AS USUAL, I won! Haha, no la, mimpi la, I LOST actually! :D

Part 5: Our superb Surgery lecturer, Professor Dr. Than Zhint gonna resign from MMMC in a two weeks time. :( So sad, but at least I've got the chance to join his OT with other colleagues. :)  And plus, at least, I've got a picture with him. Yay! :)))

Part 5: Jaab Taak Hai Jaan. Wanna watch please? :))))))

#np That Thing You Do- The Wonders.

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