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Wednesday, November 7, 2012


2nd day of Surgery Posting. I think about babbling something in Cekelat. It won't take much time, 15 minutes will do. =).

Salam and hello everybody.. Hi, since I've been gone for quite a long time. Can imagine right, an 8 weeks of Medicine posting, continues with the busiest posting which is Surgery which I am facing it now. I know, it's a bit too exaggerating saying that I am damn tired because of surgery since this is only the second day of the battle. A lot more to come. But, truth is yes, I am so so tired, with a bit of feeling unwell physically. I feel feverish, cough with running nose, maybe because lately this is the season of sickness I guess. Even my best friends, Mun and Zaty also had just recovered from those fevers. My turn has come. I don't like this feeling, feeling of unwell making me so lazy to do things, so lethargic most of the time, but however surgery postings requires me to spend a lot of time to study! Yes, a lot, since there are many things being covered. Before you can do well in Surgery I should be good in Anatomy. Even the distance between pubic symphysis and pubic tubercle does matter! ( 1.25cm, hee, nak berlagak jap because this was the only fact I knew when Dr Das Gupta asked us this morning. Hihi). Yes, surely ANATOMY is important, in fact you need to know every single thing because when you are in an operation, surely you don't want to get sued when you wrongly remove the organ, since you are weak in Anatomy right? A fact.

Thinking about this unwell feeling makes me so can't wait to go home, I miss home. Alhamdulillah, I've bought ticket to go back to Kedah which will be on this Monday! Hip Hip Hooray! =)..

Results medicine is not out yet . I am so scared, having so many negative thoughts that I might have failed because I couldn't answer much during the exams, and in fact if I answered some of the questions, I've checked and turned out to be most of them were wrong. Pity me. :( Please, pray for me, at least I pass. :( I don't want to consider to be as in ' Conditional state' in which I need to pass 8/10 in Osce station during the real exam P2S1. I hope and pray that I pass. Amin.

That's all for the now. Just wanna tell you one thing.

"I'm sorry if because of me, you can't focus so much. I'm really sorry, and I will be away for a while, and make sure you focus to the max! :)"

P/s: I'm so addicted to ice-cream and so kempunan!!

Let's have a scoop of ice cream together please one day? :)

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