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Monday, January 21, 2013

Don't quit. ;)

Salam and hello everybody. Well, should I say, we meet again. Lol. :). I knew, these days I hardly had enough time to post, babble about my life, or even to share something, really don't have much time. Going out for class as early as 7 am ( if got Muar posting) and came back at 5.30 pm worst case if had to stay in Muar for full day. Then, at night again I have to struggle in library, oh life is so busy, I knew that if later when I were a HO life would be even more hectic, I should get used to it. But, because of too tired during the weekdays, I tend to spend my weekends in an unproductive way by sleeping up late, and waking up late too! OMG.

I knew right, I'm a girl, I guess a woman already. Waking up late, thinking that soon I'm going to be a wife, *not sure when but just say soon lol* it's just so not right. Kesian my hubby later, can't have proper breakfast. Hee. Sorry sayang. :P. I should have stopped this worse habit, I knew life might be so hectic during the weekdays, it's just that, it's not a good way to spend your weekend like that :( Now I regretted, when thinking that weekends have gone and it's monday already!
I promise to myself, I'll try to wake up early, if possible, don't have to sleep back in a comfortable bed after Subuh, instead I can spend my time interval before Subuh to early morning, maybe by reciting Al- Quran. That's a lot more better. :) InsyaAllah akan dicuba! ;)

Then speaking about P2S1, not so much days left! 42 days left you know! T_T But, still I like/ love/ enjoy to waste my time :( Cannot anymore! :) Have to start study NURUL FITRILINA! Berusaha!! After passing P2S1, you can do whatever you want!!!! ;)

And so now I am trying to find my booster. Booster. Ehem!

  • Learn to cook from Mak and learn recipes from the book awk gave. :)
  • Practise to drive car for a long way journey. Cause, I don't really have so much confident in this, maybe lack of exposure?
  • Other booster: Oh let it be a secret. :)
Pray for my success my friends. Pray so that I can face this exam very well, can do very well. The most importantly, can pass the exam with one shot without repeat or supplementation. :) Pray for the success of my 'you-know-who-you-are too, and my gorgeous bffs and all my batchmates, batch 24! :)

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