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Sunday, January 27, 2013

My day.

Salam, dear readers.

Just I realised about one fact.

The more nearer the exam is, the more frequent I update my blog
Anyway that's the fact. I don't know why but it seems that, when I wrote something or for this case, when I blogged, I feel more happy, and enjoy my days, if in case I've lots of works to do actually. As what I've been saying, exam IS really around the corner. Less than 30 days +/-. I don't actually know how to interpret my pace of studying at these moments but it seems a bit too slow. Because too much of exams, too much of block tests made me unable to focus to other subjects apart from my specific subjects for posting. Just, for now, I hope the things I've read for the current posting will still be remembered during my final BIG EXAM which is P2S1.

Speaking about exams, now I know what is my weakness, it is actually the CLINICAL part of the study, in which it is so important, for us, us a doctor, because CLINICAL helps you to reach to a diagnosis, try to think about the appropriate investigations and plans of management. That's I've lack, to be specific, the part to come to a diagnosis and the part to find the important clinical findings in the patients. :( This is the thing I've to improve. I really need my friends' help so that, I didn't lack behind. I want to master in clinical examination, be confident of my findings, and try not to miss small little findings, which is very easy to pick up.

Ya Allah, help me, in improving my clinical skills, help me to find this CLINICAL stuffs because this is so important, crucial for me to be a very good doctor in the future.

The day after, I've psychiatry sessional examination. I don't even start yet, about to actually. Hopefully, Allah ease my way. :)

On the other note, today, we really had a great, enjoyable day with usrahmates. We did activities, not a routine, lame one, but a nice, superb, awesome, adventurous kinda activity, which I enjoyed the most, not only me, almost all of us. :) Being together with the same missions, did the same activity with Muslim sisters, were really good things to do :). Actually, suddenly one thought came popped up my mind. How I am so lucky to be chosen among all others to be in this road, the road to be a better Muslim, the road to reach Ustaziatul Alam, the mission we all Muslims aim for. :) Thank you, Allah for this opportunity, I am so grateful for this chance. :)

I will try the best that I can to strengthen my basics, which I knew I still have so many holes, and not yet strong :(  

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