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Sunday, June 9, 2013

Doctor :)

Being trapped in a place called destine,
The little steps that curved on the muddy road
It sticks but yet no turning back to a finer one
It's not a halfway journey it's more than it
Maybe about a little step more then we reach the peak
My mind suddenly thinks about how I got here
With childhood ambition and awesome support that preceeded
And those times when I was confused
Either here or there, either this or that,
The decision was tough, yet undescribable fate across it
and along with it, tears of joy and confusion followed
They were there, they wiped the tears that shed, and they never go
And yes, here I am upon all the obstacles that have been filtered
One phase ended, and the other phase continues
It's hard, yes it is, with no second thought or doubt
To face the screams, shouts they gave when I was on the wrong path
To stay wide awake learning new terms and knowledge from a zillion words in the book
To practise touching with care and examining the unfortunate one to heal them 
To decide what should I do to treat them well
And yes, it is my duty, our duty and responsibility,
as we took the oath in sincerity and modesty
To correct what's wrong any means possible 
To relieve what's hurt the most
But, the power of healing of all is to the Almighty we shall seek
Above all. 
Less than a year, I may hold big and grand responsibility 
And to those who afford to face it shall face it
And may He guide our way, and ease us, 
To continue this good deed, till the last breath of ours. 
And yes, this is a story of a doctor, insyaAllah :)s

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