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Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Internal Medicine. PCM is not paracetamol by the way.

As- salam.

Yes, I knew, I got something to tell. During the last weekend I went back home. Yes, back home means Kedah of course. I knew it was just a short short weekend but I couldn't help it, I miss them so much. Alhamdullilah terlepas rindu dah :) walaupun x smpt jumpa najwa. She went back to Intec a bit early as she was still in exam mode, final exam for A level before she will be flying to Yindia. I mean Manipal, the place that holds a lot of memories , as for me and for my other friends too :")

Being back in Malacca means I am now entering a new posting which is Internal Medicine (PCM- Primary health care). I have been in the posting for 2 days already in KK Merlimau. What can I say so far. I kinda like this posting. Because later when I am going to be MO, I'm thinking about specialising in intenal medicine, since my job hours are like office hours. I am a lazy type person hehehe, so being from 8am to 5pm is kinda good things for me, plus, this posting really about a tiny bits of here and there, which means that, it comprises all of other subjects too. :) And this is really suitable for me, because I am a person who easily forgets about things that I am not focused on. Like for example if I specialise in Paediatrics, I will forget everything about orthopaedic, that's my bad and worse side of me. So being in internal medicine, actually, I will and should know about all the subjects which is good for me. and plus point is that, I will have extra time with my family. =) *cewahh dah berangan seyhhhh leklu* InsyaAllah, this will be one of my choice later :)

I hope that I can learn a lot of things in this posting, and can do the procedures and be good with that, so it will make my life easier later as a HO. InsyaAllah :)

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