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Wednesday, June 19, 2013

I'm blogging when I am busy

I blog when I have piles of things to be done. Yeah that's just me. Hehe, even I don't know why can't I blog when I have free time. Maybe because I prefer to waste my time doing something else when I am in leisure rather than writing :D. And well, hello. It's been a while, can I say? I am about to wrap up my PCM posting. Two more days then I am done. PCM in KK Merlimau is just pretty awesome I must say. Because good doctor, explaining every single things to the blur us, and the nice medical assistant (MA) and nurses keep teaching us about the procedures like how to set iv line, how to do intramuscular injection to patient, how to withdraw blood, and how to nebulize a patient come with ronchi and complains of breathlessness. Alhamdulillah I learnt a lot. and I hope I can practise this when I have become a doctor one day later. The EOP is on Friday morning. Please pray for me. I am not sure I have time to do proper studying as I have lots of articles (only eight actually but for a lazy me, it's considered as a lot ;p) to read and summarize. Never mind, I will try my best to do it.

Currently, I have kind of things lingering in my mind. Not yet to reveal, I will reveal when time permits. Please pray for the best for both of us. Please please please. Amin. :")

And as for today, alhamdulillah we have completed our common programme presentation and again alhamdulillah everybody seemed to enjoy our common programme, particularly regarding the video made by us. Hehe, I am one of the actress heheh :D. please have a look gahahaaha perasan! :)


And well again, I have to stop. I will blog when I really have leisure time. Till then, assalamualaikum :)

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