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Sunday, July 7, 2013

a lot of difference

It wasn't like this way when it was about others, but when it is you, I am so emotionally attached. As in when things go too much of a great things, or even if things go wrong, my tears tank easily get filled. It is not when we are in this relationship, it happened even before than that. It just happened even when I got to know you, when we were teenagers back then, or when we were so young, still in the fairytale kinda things. (as for me). I, sometimes, questioned myself, when you were not yet mine, and when I was confused with my feelings, and when I didn't know whether you really have a 'thing' for me or not, I questioned myself did you the right one for me? Did you my soul mate, the word I keep hearing in a movie, even in what people's say. I prayed and asked THE ONE up there, was he really soul mate of mine? Because I didn't want things to be happening before. I made a lot of mistakes. I did. I easily got dumped. Yes, I knew it was kinda a weakness I have, that I told you already, but that was it. That was about it. Not once or not twice I've been in the same shoes over and over again. I've been there for quite so many times, and even my friends noticed it and they advised me not to easily put trust on men. Because you know, they are men. Men and their lies can't be separated or men with their sweet words are best friends. (I'm not talking about all men, it was about most of the men. :) But with you, it was different. I knew that. I knew that all along. But ever since all those mistakes I made, I tend not to easily put trust on men and that's why I think having crush on you back then was a mistake.

Truth to be told, things happened, explained itself. And yes, you are really really different from those men out there, or those men I've ever been with. You are different. And yes, it is in a good way. And here you are, with me, and still counting, insyaALLAH and ameen I shall say. :)

I don't know why I put this one up, or why this kind of post was produced. Maybe because this simple thing that happened, I couldn't go out with you having western food that I've been dreaming eating since morning, craving for it, but it turned out that, yeahh you couldn't make it. And just yet, the tank of tears filled all of a sudden. And that was why this post was published.

 One thing to stress here, even a small little thing does shake my emotion when it is about you, either good or sad one :") *P/s: Never mind , I am just fine, maybe next time we can have our western food together please? I am so craving of it. And yet for tonight, maggi it is :) It's okay, as long as my stomach is filled.

That's all I'm outta here, because I'm gonna make my dinner. Salam

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