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Sunday, July 28, 2013


It's weird how people still remember and haunt by it but those who was d main 'actor' or 'actress ' actually already forgot about it and they have moved on so long back. I did. I had moved on and never even remembered good or bad things about it anymore. And I sometimes have thought that it never happened to me. It shows how 'not important' the memory was and not to say I was traumatized to it, I just don't care anymore. I knew I've been so foolish so long back falling for wrong people. And I made mistakes by falling for random people just to move away from you. Just wanted to forget u and denied all the feelings inside which were only for you not anyone else. I regretted and already forgot about the past. I want to treasure and pass these days with you till my last breath insyaAllah. Pardon me if most of the times I am the most terrible human being on worth with regards to hypersensitivity of emotion or even stupidity of my dark side or even jealousy for no reason. I don't want to make d mistakes I've made before. I may be worst human being at times but for whatever happen, I hope for a future with you, our kids and kins

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