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Sunday, July 21, 2013

Dysmenorrhea and infertility? Or no period pain may cause infertility?

Assalamualaikum I bid to everybody. It's 1946 in the evening, and actually at this time, I am supposed to break my fast but since I am not fasting (exception for women during ttttteettt period), so I am still lavishly blogging without even taking my bath yet. Never mind, after I take a bath later, lists of things I have to do actually.

  • Tidy up my room and unpack things I bought in mydin just now.
  • Lipat all my clothes that have dried.
  • Open up a Paediatrics book and start studying. 
Well, yeah , a lot of things actually to be done for tonight. What for dinner? Hmm, I had just finished eating Dominos pizza at around 430 pm after I came back from shopping for food in Mydin. So, right now, my stomach is still full. And I bet, it will make a noise of hunger when it is around 11 pm at night later, and during the time, maybe snacks will do :)

Yeah, actually, the point I'm gonna write today is about one topic my friend suddenly made a statement when I talked to her about my back pain during menstrual period in which previously, I have never experienced any period pain. Her statement is like this, "Bagus la kan ko dah ada period pain, kalau xde period pain kan tak subur.." I made one kind of weird face all of a sudden, trying to object what she said. 'Monolog dalaman' in my heart goes like this, "Errr, ko nak cakap aku tak subur ke, sebab terang- terang memang aku tak perrnah ada period pain kot".. But, I replied in a firm and confident way. "Eh, x la, mana ada, even mak aku n adik beradik aku  yang lain tak pernah experienced period pain kot. Beranak je kat kitorang 5 beradik." And well yeah, my mom, didn't even have any period pain BEFORE. I have asked her, because I knew it is kinda weird cz most of my friends have period pain but I didn't. But then my mother replied, "Mak tak pernah ada period pain pun tiap kali period." Then I feel a bit relieved. Oh, okay hahaha. It is actually genetic kot, I made an assumption. 

And suddenly I think about something. Actually, those with severe period pain (dysmenorrhea) may have some kind of problems (not all, but just a small percentage of it), like endometriosis or adenomyosis in which in this condition, they may have very sever dysmenorrhea and sometimes dyspareunia (pain during sexual intercourse). And even those without any symptoms also can have these mentioned conditions. And even while googling, I tried to type, "Does those without dysmenorrhea may have infertility' and yet most articles turn out that questions people ask whether or not dysmenorrhea may cause infertility. 

That's all I'm gonna explain. Moral of the story: Don't worry if you have or don't have dysmenorrhea, it does not affect your infertility unless there is underlying problems. :)

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