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Thursday, July 18, 2013

Ramadhan and paediatrics.

Now I am in paediatric posting already, dealing with kids, kids and kids! :D Nasib baik cecomel je mereka :))) I love kids, I do. For me, all kids are too cute, with their expressions, when listening to their babbling, and new words coming out from their tongues, and when they asked for food. So cute. :D Dapat main dengan anak orang dulu la, anak sendiri lambat lagi :D. Tomorrow I have another short cases with Prof Manon, and yeah she is scary you know. She could throw any random words just like that: rubbish, disgusting, idiots. just have to bear with these words. I knew initially, I don't like people throwing bad words to me, as I prefer they teach me in a right way , then only I will learn more without any stress. But as time goes by, I know that we don't get what we want kan? :) So, I just accept for whatever words they might throw, I just accept it with open hearts. Because I know that a lot of very very bad random words may come out from the superior later when I have started working as housemanship. I could use this as my practice kan, practice to bear harsh words :) Especially in this blessed month of Ramadhan. Oh ya, alhamdulillah I love Ramadhan :) trying to improve what I am lacking. ;) 

And I have a bad dream last night :( Oh Allah, please avoid me with those dreams, and please protect me and my beloved ya Allah, and please ease our plans, and I know the best planner of all is YOU, the almighty. 

Oh, ya, that's all for now. ;)

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