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Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Happy birthday to me:)

5 minutes post prior to sleep. Go.

Happy belated birthday to me. 

And to all of you, my birthday was on 31 August if you may know. Well, one year is added to my age, which gives a total of 24 years old I've been living in this life.
Age and maturity is not related.

Don't say that if you are older, so you gotta be matured enough in handling things and don't say that you are still young, you are immature to most of things.

As for me, I think I am still not in a fully matured 24 years old lady yet. Hee :P.

 Actually, I'm improving myself to be a full matured lady, because soon enough I have a lot more responsibilites comin up and waiting for me; responsibilities as a wife, as a doctor and insyaAllah as a mother and most importantly as a muslimah.

And hence, I did try my best to accomplish this mission of being matured in so many ways.

And I know sometimes I stumble, forget my missions, and lost with the impermanant life of world we are staying.
Hey, Nurul Fitrilina, happy birthday :)

Okay, time's up. Add up another 5 minutes, I've got lot to say, still. :P

And anyhow, about my current updates, I just sent off my sister at KLIA to Jakarta to pursue her study in medicine. Best of luck sister. You can do it. Be a good muslimah doctor insyaAllah, and we can open up a branch of clinic later together insyaAllah amin amin. :)

From left: Me, Adik Wa (my 3rd sister), Ina (2nd sister). :) Love them so much!

To my surprise, I met with Mr. Razib, Miss Suriany and Madam Ozie, who were my former lecturers in KTT, a place where I did my A level. So glad to seem them.:")

With Mr Razib, my math lecturer :)
Last but not least, I've watched CHENNAI EXPRESS, thanks to him :") As always, SRK is always adorable :)

Okay gotta stop. It's about time.

Pray for me, currently I am in MEDICINE posting, which is one of the important posting, in which a great amount of marks will be carried forward for final exams, P2S2. May Allah bless :)

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