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Monday, December 7, 2009


hey dude.how's everything ppl? hee.hope all go fine i guess.ohh,i just finished watching movie.hmm, a scary one.and now, i'm facing this acer lappy cause i miss blogging already.hee.sorry chocolate for not treating u well these past few weeks.I'm INDEED busy with lots of stuff including the study, personal matters,friends and world's matter.:p. And now i can imitate a sound of relief cause everything seems perfectly DONE, except the study.cause it keeps haunting my life each and every second.uff, it isn't 'haunting' me but it's more to encircle my life.that is why we are all called student.(:.apart from this, we just finished a great,superb event called LEGENDA which was held here in Manipal at KMC Green. Malaysian students from all over India came to Manipal. and honestly, I love that! I miss those ppl and they finally came.Talking, chit-chatting and spending time together with these ppl really made me satisfied and enlightens me again.Ohh,how I miss them.

Arisya, Amirah, Shahidi, etc.

How I miss this people only He knows well.
Thanks guys for coming. Later in time, we might be visiting u guys when we do have leisure time in future i guess.Wait for our reappearance later dear friends! muahhx.X0X0..
To those whose name is not listed but u were also there during Legenda, I love you guys too.
And to those who couldn't find any ways to reach Manipal, it's okehh bebeh. But just so u know, I really hope soon, u can come and have a visit here and u won't regret it even I know Manipal is hot and there is no shopping mall here.:P.But the food here is so damn marvellous. :))).

Ohh, off now.My eyes get tired and my hands need to rest a little cause my fun day has ended and here the days of struggling may begin tomorrow. Best of luck to all.Thanks.(:

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