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Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Even I don't understand

Recent mood: urgghh TINGTONG and I don't really like this one. Still in the way to find all those possible reasons for this.And one most prominent reason is because of the UNIS exams which is just around the corner. 52 days, still counting and even that, causes my heart to beat even faster.Tachycardia again.Feeling down and giving up on things at this point of time aren't good ideas. Struggling is the thing that I should do so long before and keep doing that every second. Ya ALLAH, GIVE ME STRONG SPIRIT TO FACE ALL THIS. Prayers that keep me awake everytime. Prayers won't cost even a rupee. Remember that, Nurul Fitrilina. Keep praying to HIM and surely He'll listen.:). Cracking my head, trying to search the second reason for the TINGTONG-recent-mood got me a clue. Personal and personal matters throughout, circulating my head like CSF that keep circulating just to protect the precious brain. (Anatomy a little, opps sorry.=>) Friends and confusing stories, urggh the correct word is the fake confusing story that bugging me all this while. Trying to take care of all's heart but even then, I'm the one who hurts the most, but still trying to chill as what I do now, I guess. People who easily forget me when they are happy really hurts me a lot.:(. Fitri, come on. Grow up. They will find you when they are in trouble but leave u when they are shining again. It's the fact of life dear.:). This is it. I don't give a damn.:(

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duong said...

just passing your blog, merry christmas!