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Saturday, December 26, 2009

Spending the whole day during christmas by watching Dil To Pagal Hai wasn't a good idea at all. Hours that u should spend with studying and facing the books were unsignificant now and please put no REGRET on this because this was your choice Nurul Fitrilina. I look on my table now, see, I'm watching. Tonnes of books waiting to be read, like calling my name each time I glance at them. But, I don't regret anyway, I mean just for today. Cause I learn something new, to cheerish me up again. Hee.... This story is just so sweet and I can't cope with the good-looking of Shah Rukh Khan now, and hoping that I can find someone like him, hurmm, maybe to be my soulmate. Haha. What a high dream. Urghh, I don't care because: I'm a little girl who live in a dream world and keep listing out her new wishes and won't be sad if they don't turn out to be real cause she knows that everything happens for a reason.(: She's the one who will keep waiting for the Raj Kumar ( Prince) to come and bring her away to live happily ever after. Cause she believe in one phrase now:

"Someone....Somewhere.....is made for us."

It is all because of the effect of movie. Hee. But I loike! Hee... Okay, stop talking about movie now fitri and take a step to your studying table. Start revising now or u'll be regret later.^_^


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