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Friday, December 25, 2009

star,moon or sky?

I looked at the stars
Wishing I had one too
Hoping I could touch it with my bare hands
But, a dream remains as a dream
It's there but unreachable
It encircles our life but we are too restricted to hold it.

I stared at the moon,
Be there when it needs to be there
Though it does not as strong as a lighted sun,
Though it doesn't as wide as blue ocean,
A moon is still a moon.
Reflect a small shine just to complete the night.

People may come and go in my life
As what they wish as what they expect
As easy as A B C..
But, spirit to keep going won't never fade
I might put my hands down
I might show the white flag to you
But the heart within this fellow stops me in the middle.

Don't be like a carrot
getting soft and lost when you are tested,
Don't be like egg too
Getting hard and heartless when you are held by obstacles
Be like a coffee bean,
You change the water,
You add the taste,
You fill it with flavour,
Yet, you are ready if you are stopped in the middle.

And again, I glanced at the sky,
Hoping that there is no more cloudy look
Tomorrow and the days after,
Praying that the blue remains the blue and not grey,
And wishing that I still can see the beauty when I open my eyes the next day.
God, I cross my hands,
With a sincere heart and appealing mood
Listen to my prayers this time
And I know you will.

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