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Saturday, March 20, 2010



Three different words, but when they are interpreted, they bring the same meanings. Aim.

Dream sounds like an aim that is impossible to come true like kind of fairy tales but, somehow, it can be truth.
Wish is actually more like a mission or thing to be accomplished in certain time frame. To let it comes true, one has to determine to achieve it. I guess.:)
And last but not least, the Goal. It is actually already being set in the mind, and fixed. You may use different kind of ways to ensure that the goal is now real and is not an illusion anymore.

That were all trio. And I, of all these three, I prefer the first one. THE DREAM. Maybe, some of you might think, offo fitri, those threee are the same right? Don't you make people confused like as if they are totally different. Haha. Whatever. But I still prefer the dream. I've got one confrontation. Hee. I'm a part-time daydreamer anyway. Hee. Some dreams are found to be possible but some are horrible and I bet it wouldn't be true by any chance. Truly honest.:D.
Some of my-never-be-real-dream. Lol~

  • flying freely like a bird up up in the sky. :D
  • have the ability to read people's mind ( I don't have suitable picture for this one.;p)
  • marrying a prince who is extremely charming, good-looking and has dimples on both sides of the cheeks. :D:D:D:D
  • Going anywhere I want in just a second.
But, the truth is that these are only the impossible dreams. Neither can come true nor about to come true. The question is, why people still in the mood of dreaming even they obviously assure that thing would never be real?? I wonder that, and even I dream. Hee. Tricky yet thinkable? Might be. But, what I know is that, I dream because I really love dreaming. I dream because I just want to make me smiling when sometimes life doesn't flow as what I wish, I dream because dream may boost me up in doing something that I don't enjoy, and dream makes me top up my maturity level. That is it. Simple but, I don't know and I'm not sure whether those who are dreaming have the same reasons like me or they have their own reasons which lie behind? I never know and so do you.

Hmm, there is one thing I want to let you guys know.

Have you ever thought that dreams are only one step behind the reality?
So, keep dreaming! :)


OyOp said...

aku ade dimples tuh....hehe

C-kin a.k.a Syikin said...

tringat citer DIL TO PAGAL HAI bile
ko ckp psal dreaming ni..
Keep DREAMING my dear, and together we make our dreams comes ALIVE :)

Nurul Fitrilina Mustapa said...

ngek ko. tak nak ko.;)))

Nurul Fitrilina Mustapa said...

ckin, I will keep dreaming.:D. hee..tu je cara yang bole prasan sorang2.xD

Akmal Kassim said...