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Tuesday, March 16, 2010

I think I like him. Awwww~:D

And I think it's the right time for me to publish to the public.

Yes, I like him.

I like him a lot. He is different from others, he has his own style and the most important thing, he is cool! ;) Staring at his pictures every night don't simply make me bored. And yet, now he has become my mobile's wallpaper. :) Oh, I'm really into him. To watch him smiling, to see his cute dimples on both sides, to stare at his perfect lips. Okay, let make things simpler. Let me tell you something about him. Something brief about him. He was born on 2th of November. Year? Nah, don't have to reveal here. :) And here are few reasons why I deeply in love with this mysterious guy?
  • the calmness of his face
  • the beautiful eyes
  • his cool nature of himself. :))
  • love in his eyes
  • he is just so romantic.awwww.:D
  • and he really makes me melting right away.


hahaha. cool huh? Maybe some of the people out there might be curious thinking who the hell is this mysterious guy. Hahah. Whatever. :D. One fact which is obviously undeniable.

I'm madly in love with him.


I wish to meet him one day. To those out there, bring me to him, let me see his face, face to face then I'll think twice to marry those who is able to bring me to SRK. hahaha. :D.

And, all in all, I think among all the actresses whose already have the chance to be his partners, the most perfect and suitable girl for him is KAJOL. So sweet. :D


Redz da Tsar said...


Nurul Fitrilina Mustapa said...

Hahaha. Blueekkkks balik. :D:D:D

OyOp said...

bbbblllluuuuuueeeeeeekkkkkkkkkss!!!!!*smpy kuar sume isi perut..amek ko..hhahaha*

gurau2 je yer...hee

C-kin a.k.a Syikin said...

jeles ngn SRK ke redz? haha
neway, wahai cik fi3lina.. kerana
kamulah penyebab aku mengadap balik
cite 3KG tau.. ni baru abis nengok..
haha.. SRK terbaek la weh!

aNoZ said...

booo.. ramianya suke die! haha

Nurul Fitrilina Mustapa said...

yop> korang ni semua jeles kan ak suka SRK? hahahha
ckin> elehhh, last-last ko pon tgok gak kan.. hiii.pastu tup2 td tengok citer Dilwale. lalalala~
anoz> sebab dye kacak!!!!! ^_^

farina said...

kak own poyo laaaa....... x abeh2 srk..ngeh2.. tapi i loike jugak la... hahahhahah

Akmal Kassim said...