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Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Aku tak sempurna~

I'm weak, I'm not really in the proper path,
Sometimes I lost in the middle of the journey,
Fumbling for the bright light that keep giving the chance to shine once again,
Determination brings me back to the truth and belief,
As well as the goal and the undeniable spirit.

I drowned in the ocean of joyfulness and temporary happiness,
I've forgotten the permanent life here after,
Because the lusts conquer the unexplained mind,
But, fortunate leads the way,
I've been reminded again,
From those who still care and love,
A reminder that obviously should not be snoozed.

Drop by drop of tears run in an uncontrolled manner,
How lucky I am to be in this world,
How lucky I am to be reminded,
To step again on the right,proper road,
A pray that echoes the day,
The change that remains ever after.

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