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Monday, May 10, 2010

Nur Kasih

Ignore the previous post.

Ting-tong mood at that time. but now dah totally okay yeh~

Hee. Tomorrow I've got SDL pharmac test, still studying at this time. ( saying from last-minute-study-type-of-student;p).

Not so much, but lately, I've fallen in love to one of Malay series:


Okay, don't laugh. I know, it's kinda late to watch the movie and hell yeah, I'm not up to date to any moviessss now. hee. What can I watch, if everyday, u've got loadssss of things to study?

Thanks to weekend. ;)

But, still, I haven't finished watching the drama. Slow-and-steady and feel of course.

Adam: kinda disgusting at the beginning of the story, then he turns into a macho-sweet type of guy. ok, I'm in love.

Aidil: being perfectly kind from the beginning of the story till now. Awwww.:)

Nur: She's perfect. She has the strength to face all the troubles in her life, and I respect that. :)


farina said...

kak own.. layan adam maya lak.. bes...=)

chokio_nia said...

apsal pulak nak ketawa weh..cte ne mang bes lah..thums up..:)

Nurul Fitrilina Mustapa said...

adik: adamaya tak ley tgok lagi nnti laaa.:).. :D nnt tak study pulak.;p

ain: heee. gelak sebab citer da lama ak baru nak tgok. aku dah abeh tgok! bes, with so much lessonssss! :)