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Monday, May 17, 2010

People aren't all perfect.

I don't understand one thing.
Why people talk about others, when they themselves aren't perfect?
Advice is so well good, and plus it is RECOMMENDED to make some people realise of what they've done wrong to make it right back again.
:). That is what we want. But, the QUESTION here which I want to ask:

Why there are some people who said bad things extremely about others for others' mistakes, without even have thought in mind that, people aren't perfect and change to be better isn't a sin?
They talked like as if, they are soooooo welll perfect.
Hmmm.. People, people.
I don't want to say anything more:
One thing I want to stress here.

"People make mistakes and we are responsible to correct them and guide them to the proper way, but, please, to those who intend to correct others, don't simply throw bad words to others continuously without bearing in mind you yourself are not perfect.:)


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