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Thursday, May 6, 2010

A latent burst.

When I feel like screaming, I can't really do that now. Some people say, it is not so nice to do that actually, but who hell cares?? *kasar sikit, maaf* I don't really have idea what's in my mind at this time, I feel unease, I feel something disturbing me, and I feel like I am pretending to be someone else now. Mental-depression. I badly want to go home now, seriously. But, still, patience is still there deep in my heart. Yeah, maybe physically I look okay to people's around, but to be honest, at this point of time, something lingering in my mind for the past few weeks that remains unsolved.

T.E.N.S.I.O.N- lah.

I don't ask u to please me, I don't need you to tell me what should I do what should I avoid, cause it is my own bussiness and my problem. Yeah, maybe your opinion is extremely important for some times, but for this case, I DON'T WANT YOU TO GET INVOLVED.
ada, paham, eyh?

You do something as if you are the greatest human being on EARTH.
You put aside this lame statement that suppose to be true all the times.


I don't want to mumble anymore, I don't want to say anymore, I don't feel like uttering anything.

I'm officially MUTED now.



hazirahamzah said...

its somewhat funny that most of the people i knw,currently are having their 'down' moments, with the same problems.
but again, there's nothing funny about having to live the moment. *sigh*

Nurul Fitrilina Mustapa said...

by any means, the 'down' moments do effects us too.:"(