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Saturday, May 4, 2013

Lee Min Ho vs. Apley

Today is my sleeping day for me. I opened and read half a page of Orthopaedic textbook Apley's then, suddenly my eyelids got so heavy till it spontaneously closed. Then I woke up again, maybe of a bad dream in a middle of the day. Again, the same routine, I read a line, then I felt as if I was floating, the transition between awakening and sleepiness. Then there I was, sleeping yet, again!

Go to hell all those aims, konon- konon nak habiskan la at least one topic, blah la fit!

And one thing I have succeeded today: I managed to watch 2 episodes of City Hunter today! Mihmihmih~ Well, who can stand this handsome, awesome, cool guy, Lee Min Ho, he's so smart! Oh, City Hunter is one of the Korean series actually, action with a little bit of romance kinda type.

Awwwww~ Look at the smile :)))

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