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Friday, May 3, 2013

Random thoughts at 1.46am

OMG . Yes, I am right about my previous post. My eyes are still wide awake. Darn it. Can't sleep even I have lot of sips of milk! :( Tomorrow I have class anyway. >.<

By the way, I want to summarize what I feel right now. Right now, at this moment. Yeah, you know when you are trying so hard to get sleepy then your brain will be suddenly active, then thinking about so many things, out of nowhere and all of a sudden.

  • I am so happy, feel like smiling non stop even now, and till in my dreams tonight, yeahhh no lying, I'm still curving a smile on my face anyway! :) Because because, I've seen you back after about a week we didn't bump into each others. :*

  • I miss my old gang in KTT, known as "Clique8". Emm, the name created by us, not anybody. Hahaha. and it consists of 8 of us including, Nad, Arisya, Mirah, Aimie, Syikin, Dayah and Tiah! :) I just miss you guys a lot. A lot. Hope we can see each other one fine day aminnn :)

  • I feel like travelling to different parts of world for example, Europe, whole Asia especially Korea and Japan and so many places! With you, and no one else, just both of us, appreciate the beauty of world, taking pictures together, having fun together, away from the busy days. :")

  • And I guess I gotta stop now and make my way to the bed. It's very late already. It's 1.45am in the morning. Good night and good morning folks. :) whoever is reading. 

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