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Thursday, May 2, 2013

What a life really.

Today was a tiring day for me. Yeah I know what you gonna say.

"You didn't have afternoon class, how come you said today was a tiring day for you?"

Hee. Yes, it is. I didn't have afternoon class but still I was way too tired till I slept for almost 3 hours this afternoon! I wonder how I am going to sleep tonight =.= It was tiring when you had to stand about 3 hours in the OT (operation theatre) watching for the operation going on, actually it is more tiring to watch and only observe compared to perform the operation itself you know. >.< but this is what medical student has to do. To OBSERVE. To make thing worst, I didn't actually take my breakfast as initially, I decided to fast today. But, then I was suddenly in a red- flag state, you knew why. So, that was even worse! The symptoms that I usually have in the earlier 1-2 days of period is back pain and there it was, the BACK PAIN, worsen on standing for a long time!

Can you imagine the feeling? You stomach was growling, asking for food, while at the same time you had to bear with the back pain. Ughhh. It hurts you know. Haihhh merungut je kan! Hehe. But, that's how I am going to face about another 1 year when I will be a Housemanship officer (HO) later. Have to try to bear with it. Fighting! ;)

Now, I am so wide awake. Guess I should have struggling from today onwards as end of posting orthopaedic examination is approaching. For God sake, for the last 2 weeks, I was just playing all around, didn't even finish reading even a page! So lazy girl indeed.



so, Fighting to me and to you too, and BEST OF LUCK for your block test tomorrow. :)

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