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Friday, April 2, 2010

REM Sleep brings us in a dreamland~ :)

Sometimes when the undesired dream comes into pictures,
We might stop and think for a while,
Is this dream is just a meaningless dream,
That somehow might encircles the peaceful sleep,
Or, is there any reason for the dream to be dreamed?

Signs and signs may come along the way,
From The Almighty to let us stay awake,
With the truth and belief that the dream is the real one,
Don't simply ignore, don't simply let it go.

Deja-vu is something, it is not nothing,
Blink and every blink brings you back to the dream,
And the truth is revealed,
Written in silence and ignorance.

Dream is as sweet as candy
And maybe, can be as bitter as you really can't explain,
It depends on what signs might come along.

Of all the dreams,
One may be true,
One may be real,
One may be approachable,
One may be possible,
Someday and somewhere,
It will lay in our grab.
Amin. :)


Redz da Tsar said...

Deja vu antara bukti Qada' dan Qadar~ Hehe

Nurul Fitrilina Mustapa said...

true! hee...:)