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Friday, April 30, 2010


It was around 1am in the morning. Unintentionally, I slept with the main lamp opened. As usual, I got myself into the dream world, and suddenly, I had a really bad dream. It was all about my mom. I didn't really know why on Earth I dreamed about that, but seriously, I really hope that the dream will never repeat. Kinda scary. urghh.=.=.

Let me tell ya regarding the dreams: It goes like this. As what all people know, even now I don't have the license. Yeah, I'm a loser but, wasn't my fault too I didn't obtain the license. I entered UTP early, I left UTP, then went to KTT with totally different course. Then, I only had a month of holiday before flying to India to further my study. Then, tell me, how come I could get the license if I didn't have so much free time before? So, don't blame me. x0x0. ;).
Move to the dream. I dreamed that I was driving the car with my mom next to me along the bridge surrounded by full of very deep green water. And to my surprise, I drove so damn fast in the dream! Unfortunately, I lost control and finally we both got into the water.:'(. Then, suddenly, I was suddenly awake. Terrible dream and I didn't even know why should I dream like that. Wonder, wonder.

After suddenly awake, I couldn't continue sleeping, so I decided to read a little bit regarding the microbiology lab that we were going to discuss until I slept out of my conscious. :). Regarding the small test that we had to perform during the lab session, even I didn't know much about the parasites and fungi. Too many weird pictures with weird names. Here are some taken pictures without permission. :D
In the evening, we were having some kite-flying session at the End Point, not really formal, it was just some kind of charity to help people who are suffering from Haemophilia( blood disorder). Hee, I unexpectedly managed to get the kite up high, that was just so fun! Wish to play kite again! I don't have the pictures, but Mun do, maybe she uploads later. =) At 6pm, we were then making our way, using TEMPE STYLE: ( riding a scooter with three people) to the Sharada court to play netball against BATCH 26, the most junior. My batch, 24 won! I played WD position which is the Wing Defense. Haha, not so much work to do as the opponents rarely attacked. Thank God for that. Haha.

As usual, the weekend night should be enjoyed to the fullest. At around 1030 pm, kecipaksss got together and chit-chatting at Cheff Inn until around 12am when the so-called 'discussion' continued in front of the Nandini( the name of the grocery shop which mostly occupied by Malaysian students here.) After that, we 'convoi' to make an effective tour around Manipal, emptying our petrol. haha. Joke, joke. lol~ It was fun, riding the scooter under the full-moon. sangat comel! =).

Here goes my day, and now I'm in front of my lappy updating the news for today. Actually, just finished watching Chalte Chalte acted by SRK and Rani Mukherjee, for more than 10 times already but I don't even get tired or sick of watching. Hehe.

That's enough for now, gotta go to sleep yaw! ;)


.:FARA anak ABAH:. said...

fit pejam mata tym bwk scooter bile kne keja ngan SEEKOR anjing...tp lihat,kami tiada apa2..xeksiden..fitri hebat!!!=p

Nurul Fitrilina Mustapa said...

hahaahah. tapi 2 ekor anjing tak mencabar langsung. heee... seb bek fara ok kat blakang an.;p

Akmal Kassim said...

kejar je blk anjing tu... :P

da power lar tu ea jd WD.. huhu...