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Sunday, April 4, 2010

holiday and holiday.

Holiday, and holiday and holiday.

:))... I lurve it! U don't have to do anything, u don't have to wake up early to go to class,
u don't have to feel so much tiredness. So perfect! ;)

But, too much holidays will make you kinda person that wake up late, holidays make you sooo dammn lazy and soo damnnn blurrrrr.

urghh.. and that is what I feel now.


A lot of homework to be done and to be settled down.


no more, biochemistry.anatomy,physiology.


But, somehow, I miss my anatomy class.:(

I miss the dissection hall.

I miss my table, I miss my lecturers and friends.

But, actually, if I were asked again to study back and go to the dissection hall, smelling those cadavers with so-sick-smell of the formalin, I won't AGREE! hahahaha. Busuk.

Current story about SRK. He's been in Sepang Circuit with two other Bollywood actresses. He's damn hot!!!! :D:D

Full Story: Click here.

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