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Thursday, April 1, 2010

Controller might be suitable.

Please. Be attentive. Don't pretend like nothing has happened.

The three sentences of the day. I don't know what should I say more? It's not me, who decide everything, it's not me either who set up everything. Life sometimes unfair. Yes, I should say that. Life drags me into the situation and leaves me without nothing to say and leaves me without hope. Maybe it kinda brief and confusing, but, I can't tell everything here. I miss the old 'situation', the time before, when everything went well. Smiles, laughter, and spiritual heart that we shared together. But it was so long back. Now, everything changes. U pretend like we are two people who never met, u pretend like I don't know u, and you don't know me either. Yeah, to blame all the things to life, isn't fair. It's not the life should be blamed, it's the heart that is easy to turn off and on like a controller.Wallahualam~

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