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Saturday, April 24, 2010


I can now hear the sound of the fan spinning. What should I do? Should I just go to sleep? or should I study? or maybe face-booking again? No, I don't think one of the choices above should be taken into consideration. Finally, I've made my mind to blog. I miss blogging I guess, haha, saying as if, I haven't blog for a month! haha. This week was the hectic week ever for this second year. 3 days in a row, in which I should face, every night facing the books, and books and books.
  • Wednesday( 21.04.10)- Microbiology SDL, and unfortunately the topics were sooo much to be read and understood! And, I want to emphasize here, I only have one brain, dear. :'( but, whatever things might happened, I still have to study. Enough of that. This time, no presentation, but the quiz was on. Kinda bored sometimes, when you've read, but the questions asked were out-of-topic. 1,2,3- borrriingggg. =.=
  • Thursday( 22.04.10)- Pharmacology SDL TEST. Actually, there were not so much to be read for the test, but, as usual, careless mistakes conquered. I did pass but, I didn't score much.:(. Quite disappointing. T_T
  • Friday( 23.04.10)- Problem Based Learning on the way for Pathology or in short-PBL. To read and to think that you were going to present was quite a tensed situation. Even it only involved 10 persons, but, yeah, still you have to present. But, Alhamdullilah, everything went well. :)
and actually, I just came back from playing basketball now, at 0120 in the morning. Hee~ One of the way to release tension here in Manipal, rather than you scream purposeless out loud. lol.:D. It was fun, playing with them. You aimed, you shot, and gotcha. :D

Anyway, I've changed the position of my study table. To be frank, this is all because of the chair- always give trouble to me. Haihh~ Here take a look on some pictures. I use my bed to sit and study rather than that stupid chair worth rs1000. *sigh*

my study table.:)

study table with the bed as the 'chair' C.O.O.L.:)


C-kin a.k.a Syikin said...

mmg ko kne curse ngn kusi beb.. ni msti zmn dolu2 ko pnh wat jahat kt krusi ni.. bakar kusi besa-besaran ke.. hahahaha.. seyes x tipo.. gegegege

Nurul Fitrilina Mustapa said...

hahaha. mungkin jugak la kowt weh. sedih jugak. sobsobsob. :(. takde kerusi ler aku.T_T