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Monday, April 26, 2010

Respect others, too.:)

There are some people who have their own dreams, there are also some people who wish for something that is obviously impossible or by no chance, it would come true. Whatever it is, just keep in mind, don't let down others' wishes. Don't simply show the boredom look or uninterested smile. Please respect others, too. :) I don't want to point to anybody, there's no use of blaming others. We are all grown-up people, we have a great brain to think and to judge. Apart from a useful brain, we all have a HEART: sometimes sensitive to something. Again, I would like to stress over here, don't simply hurt others' heart,because we never know someday, ours will be hurt, too. A delicate heart, by any means, is easy to break even with a short simple WORD. A word that signifies thousands of meaning. Okay, to think positively, maybe it is accidentally spoken, without any intention that lies behind. But, if you realise the spoken word has already hurt certain people, is it so damn difficult to utter the word, SORRY? Is it too hard anyway? People, people. Be sensitive to our environment. We all live in a big community, and care for others is one of the prior thing to be looked at. Alhamdullillah, at least, my heart is in a recovering process now, because I'm one of the victims, for this moment. Ignorance is better now. Wallahualam~


C-kin a.k.a Syikin said...

true3.. selfish people always behave like taht. never bother bout ur delicate heart. it's ok if hurts our heart once, but if it repeated done, then it's a final. Once the heart is deeply torn, never ever i can be repaired.

Ahmad bin Ariffin said...

very true..btw nice writing skill actually..

Nurul Fitrilina Mustapa said...

CKIN: I'm trying to take things positively, because I don't want to ruin this friendship. but, deep in my heart, it really hurts. I hope things will get better very soon. Thanks for being there for me, thanks to u and zaty( if she reads this.:) love u guys a lot! ;)

AHMAD: thanks for the compliment. I just simply blog in English to improve my English even sometimes I feel like writing in Malay. ;)