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Sunday, June 26, 2011

Drama manusia

Salam. One topic, about the matters of fact, why people love to stalk your life, judge you and tell others about the story of
yours which is NOT TRUE at all? I don't know what's on these people's mind. Talking behind someone's back is actually
what we love to do. I said WE cause sometimes I do the same. But, one thing I am so not okay is, when you talk about
someone's behind his/her back but after that you tend to tell others about that particular someone which is CLEARLY not
true whom you know that these 'others' may reveal the story to the subject back..  Can you imagine how this subject's
feeling would be when others talk about him/her about something that is not true at all. Yeah, maybe it sounds a little
complicated, but this is what I really mean. If I was the subject, I may feel sad either. :'(. Tak nak cakap banyak. People and their dramas. They may look innocent by their innocent looks, but don't be too comfort for that. :)

p/s: New name for my baby. Audry. Welcome to the world, Audry! <3<3<3
Minah di sebelah kiri suka berdrama gak. Tapi bdrama comel. :) Rindu wawa. :( She will be registering to new school, INTEC next week. Good luck dear sis! (^_^)

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