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Monday, June 6, 2011

Janji Allah itu benar.

Hello. Hola. Salam, sunshines. :) Well, meet again. Nothing much to talk and babble, just something about things I have learned today during Usrah.
  • Whatever we do, like studying, just remember that no matter how hard you struggle to pass the exam, no matter how focus you are to gain the knowledge, always remember that you still have to put Him in the very first place. Never forget about Allah s.w.t who always listen to your prayers. To absorb well in the process of knowledge collection, the clean and clear heart is very crucial. :)
  • Islam is very simple, it doesn't complicate the slaves. use the opportunity to appreciate and perform what you are asked to, as long as you are still breathing in this world. Once your heart stops beating and your brain stops functioning, nothing can be undo. 
  • "Janji Allah itu benar."(^_^)
Second of all, my baby is about to be delivered. Still thinking about its name and its twin's name. Haha. :D:D. Hopefully, I will get it as soon as possible. So can't wait to meet it. ;)

Third of all, I just realized something during the group discussion just now. We have to submit the case-sheet which we never start doing it. And plus end posting exam is just around the corner. Takut. =.=

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