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Sunday, June 5, 2011

Hujan. Kirimkan pesanan kepada dia. :)

Salaam. Today again, there is raining, maybe a slight rain with a little thunder even till now. I can hear the sound of the 'awful' creature, Frog( as for me la kan. hihi) singing a terrible song. =.=. I don't know why the hell I am so cannot go with this greenly thing. I am sorry, I know it's not your fault, but till now, I can't open my heart to welcome you. T.T. well, move on to the topic of rain. Well, I'd love to say that I love rain! so much! Like I don't know how to explain but I love it so much!! :D:D I know some people may say that, yeah rain is not good because some people tend to fall sick when they are exposed to the rain, or some might have cold or fever, but truth is, all of these do not applicable to myself. Alhamdullilah, till today, my immune system is quite impressive. I can stand with this for so long, I mean the rain part. I don't mind exposing myself to the raindrops because the chance that I might get the cold is very much less compared to the others. Bukan nak riak ke apa, tapi kebenaran, even I don't know why.

Even when I was in primary school, I only skipped class for 3 days for the whole year, because of only 3-day-slight-mild-fever. Cool kan? :) hee. But, that time I was so jealous to those who could bunk class, using the reasons that they weren't feeling well. I obviously couldn't use the reason because I RARELY sick. But now, having this advantage really makes me feel kinda grateful sometimes. I don't have to buy medicines so much, like others do. Pity them huh. =.=. Spending sometimes about RM30 per day because of the drugs are so expensive in which you can use the money to buy something else apart from the medicines if you don't fall sick.

I love watching the rain. It touches the heart sometimes, I don't know why:)
Again, RAIN. I love playing in the rain. Getting yourself wet, and play something under the heavy rain is really satisfying. :) I know some groups of people tend to label people who love to play in the rain as crazy but I really don't mind. hihi. If those times when I was young, I used to go out from my room everytime I listened to the sounds of raindrops on the roof. It's time to play!! And yeah, mom always care about us. =.=. If my mom caught me playing in the rain, I gotta listen to her talks the whole day. Hee. sayang mak! ;)
masa first year:). nanti jadi monster ni la balik, dengan baju hujan dan bawak payung ke sana sini:)

By the way, even today, at the age of 21, I have the thought to play in the rain again. The last I remembered I played in the rain was during last year, heavy monsoon season and we played football that time. I miss those memories so much:(

Don't worry of being sick. Ubat kan ada. Main je hujan. Haha.
Bagi saya ni free, saya kahwin dengan sapa-sapa la. Haha~
That's the story about rain. Now it comes to the story about phone, yeah whatever you want to refer it to like hand phone, mobile phone or ring ring. :) Let's make thing simpler, I have my own NOKIA express music 5730 now, which I bought on August 2009. But now, I don't know why I think I want to buy new one. ANDROID kinda type. First and foremost, I preferred HTC brand more. But then, since the price is too expensive which I am not so affordable to buy HTC, I bury my intention deep down the ground. ( Actually, if I want to but it, there's no problem at all. but in Malacca I may have to eat Maggi for dinner. Haha.:P) So, from HTC I revert to SAMSUNG Galaxy SL. Hee. Still thinking about it, and maybe I am gonna buy it. InsyaAllah. :) I asked the opinions from different people, my parents, him, and my friends and they mostly say "It's up to you" which I interpret it as, "Yeah, you should buy it one. Hihi".
Today, we won netball over batch 27. Congratz, teammates. :) Hopefully we will meet Batch 26 again for the final , and this time we gonna show you guys our real 'we'. Teeheee~ :D.

That's all from now. I will have end posting exam this Tuesday at Karkala before move to the next posting, OBG which I can't wait the most. ( I am so thrilled to see the process of delivery with my own eyes. LIVE. ). Wish me luck.

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