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Thursday, June 30, 2011

Bye Bye Karkala

Today was the last day I posted to Karkala, since I have finished OBG and Paediatrics. Yeah, I am so happy thinking about this since there will be no more long journey after this. No more problematic AC bus and no more bumpy-humpy-bus-because-roads-are-super-terrible. But, to be real honest and at some point, I am kinda feeling sad some more because of so many reasons. The reasons include:
  • the lovely ikan goreng with boiled rice even the kedai was so critically ill condition in terms of hygience and the eating place.
this is the lovely ikan goreng with boiled rice. :))))

  • the super cool and nice OBG lecturers: Dr. Satisha, his wife Dr. Sujatha and fatherly Dr. Sanjay. :"( P/s: Dr. Sujatha is so hot!! Heeee~ She has a very niceeeeee smileeeeee I can say. *shy shy cat*
  • the 15 minutes time before the watch ticked to 1030 a.m because at this point of time, I love to be lazying in the class, sometimes I slept. Hihi. :D:D
  • Long journey allows me to sleep so soundly. :(
This is it. No more Karkala. Be good there, Karkala. Even you are only a small, little hospital, but you taught me a lot. :)
Say hello to SURGERY. Hello to Dr. Santosh Pai and hello to Dr. M.G Shenoy. :)

I will be missing you, dear karkala.:(
right in the kedai ikan with the boiled rice on the table. :D, Daun pisang beb. Epik!
Just want to update, currently I am following Harry Potter. I love Ron! He is cool, with cute eyelashes. ;))))))

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