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Thursday, June 2, 2011

Jadi Kuat Macam Badang ?

Salam. What's up people? Fine? Doing good? Or something happens in between? :S By the way, whatever it is, just live your life to the fullest because we only get the chance one, don't regret if time passes and you've done nothing good to yourself or others. :( Chillax:) Anyway, have I told you guys that now I have posted to Karkala? Well, it is 45 minutes away from Manipal, quite a long journey right? Takpe, people used to say that, the more distances you take to reach to a good place, the more rewards you get. Rewards macam pahala la. :) One word about Karkala so far. NOT BAD. Not bad in what way? Hmm, that makes me think twice to elaborate. Actually, there were many things happened for the past two days, things which were categorized as not so good. *Sigh* One of them was, we were scolded by lecturers in Karkala saying that we learnt nothing in Udupi and they weren't satisfied to our presentations. Pity us kan? :( But, actually, that was the thing we've been taught in Udupi. These lecturers expect too much from us. I'm sorry, we promise that we'll try our best to satisfy you guys okay. :) Please have faith in us. T___T

Second of all, I miss home. I miss home. I miss home. I miss home. I miss home. I miss home. I miss home.

Third of all, I lost one of my best friend, because of something that I can't control. My heart desire. I can't control, if only you know, and I can't choose if only you know. Then, goodbye from me, if that is what you really want and if that is what's the best for you. Take good care of yourself.

Fourth of all, I am thinking about buying ticket to go back to Malaysia, either MAS or Air Asia? T__T. Oh my my, I really don't have any idea about this. Should I buy the expensive one because after all, I can claim the ticket's price. Hopefully, I got the answer a.s.a.p.

Last but not least, last night I suddenly thought of something, something about my future career. When I was about to sleep last night, I suddenly had this thought:

"Lagi 3 tahun, saya akan jadi doktor. Bukan doktor haiwan ke doktor tumbuh tumbuhan, tapi doktor kepada manusia. Manusia yang ada perasaan yang boleh cerita dia sakit ke tak. Saya kena cuba treat manusia setakat mana termampu. "

What I thought was, am I able to perform this duty very well? Am I ready to be scolded when things go wrong during the duty-performing? Do I have the gut to treat people, and diagnose them and comfort them if I have to? Ya Allah, this isn't the easy decision. I've come this far, and I've to continue and have the faith in myself and most importantly, I have to believe in you, Ya Allah, whatever happens is under Your control, not mine or not others. I don't know the future obviously, but I hope I can do the best. Yakin pada diri, yakin dengan hati, gunakan ilmu yang ada untuk mengubati orang yang memerlukan dengan izinNya.

Sometimes, I feel so weak, thinking that am I that good to have the chance to be a doctor, or it is actually just a coincidence of all? But, deep down my heart, there is one voice that keep telling me this:
Nurul Fitrilina, awak boleh buat sebab tu DIA bagi peluang dekat awak untuk jadi doktor suatu hari nanti. DIA yakin awak ada kebolehan untuk selamatkan orang yang memerlukan bantuan awak dengan izinNya. Jadi, awak kena kuat supaya orang yang mencari awak nanti pun kuat macam awak."

And truth is, this voice which keeps me stronger at this point of time. Ya Allah, please help me to face all of these obstacles so that I will be stronger as the day passes. :)

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