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Thursday, November 17, 2011

bad day

tick tock tick tock. that is the only sound I listen at this moment. The sound of the wall clock. Sigh. Sigh for no reasons. Yeah, there are too much reasons actually. T_T. unbearable ulcer pain at the inner part of left lower lip. feel like cutting that one away. I hate ulcer, but it keeps on bugging me at least once a month. usually I get ulcers because I am so stubborn to drink lots of water, but now I get the new ulcer because I accidentally bite my lip. I talked less today, kinda. Even when I was in the ward, where I supposed to clerk cases, I couldn't clerk well because it hurts when I talked a lot. So, I prefer to just chilling out and just read the cases from the case files. But, guess what? I managed to draw the blood from the real patient in the blood bank. It was so exciting, even at the very first place, I kinda nervous to perform that. :p..

Then, at the afternoon , I had my PBL session. I've not done well.:(.. Uhhh feel so stupidos. :(

At the evening, my little brother called. He lost his mp3, the one that I gave him before because of his good upsr results. He previously lost his handphone too, which I gave to him too. So dissapointing. Haihhh, little brotha, please be careful next time and please appreciate the one that I gave. I gave it with love, so keep it well.:(..

Then, come the story about ticket going back... to go or not to go? to leave or not to leave? am I able to be alone in the hostel? hmmm..

one thing that always keep me calm:)- At Umbai, Melaka.

Thanks mcd for the treat. looks yummy kan?:D- Umbai-
All in all, not in a good mood today. :( Salam all.

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