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Tuesday, November 8, 2011


I am sorry. I know I have hurt u, I know I make u sad, please forgive me.

Thousands time I keep saying: I am hurt when you are hurt. I REALLY mean this.

Hopefully, you will get well soon. I love you.

Gonna have my end posting exam tomorrow. I hope I can focus well, insyaAllah.

Goodbye for now. Salam. :(

I am sorry. I can't resist the tears that keep falling.


Tun Wadie said...

jiwang :P

Tun Wadie said...

jiwang :P

fi3lina said...

biar la sekali sekala.. teeheee...:D

Tun Wadie said...

haha tgk balik sumer posts ko..erk cam bukan skali skala je..haha

fi3lina said...

haha. takpe. jiwang itu seni kot. =p