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Friday, November 11, 2011

hi, weekend.

super-exhausted. super super super exhausted. even Dr. Lakshmi noticed the tiring face.:(

  • lack of sleep?

  • or because of the 4 and a half hours protocol presentation this morning?

  • or because today is the last day in O & G department for the third year?

  • or because emotionally unstable? ( nothing much, I just miss home a lot. )

  • I wonder what are the reasons. maybe all of the above? =.=

feeling like closing the eyes and dreaming the whole day. DREAMING. :)

anyway, I sweated a lot today. yeah, well what else if it wasn't because of the badminton. :p. 

Keep practising. Add up the stamina to the maximum level! 

11.11.11. Nothing special happened today. It is just a date. a special date. Guess today will be chosen for the couples 

to get married. Easy to be remembered till the rest of their lives. Even their small grandchildren will remember. :)).

Till then, salam. Say hi to weekend.

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