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Thursday, February 11, 2010

And when Chocolate got his new suit..=p

And now, Chocolate says thanks to me.

Thanks for changing new clothes to me, thanks for updating me. I've waited for you for so long.:).

And now, I'm just exaggerating. Wehhhooooo~
Having rest for a night from studying is just a great relief to me,cause to my surprise, I've already spent about 4 weeks studying all day long.

Here was the schedule.

Woke up at 830am ( Subuh bangun la dulu yea.:)), and made my way to the washroom, get ready to go to the lovely library for the group discussion with my roomie, Zaty Nadzrin.

Went back to room at 5.30pm, performed Asar, get ready again to go to the second 'home' for self study esp. Physiology at 730pm. Study week for University Exams was so tiring but Alhamdullilah, I enjoyed myself with the studying.:).
http://www.emocutez.com Heee~ this girl~ comelll sangat, which makes myself to put her right here, let she accompanies lonely Mr Chocolate when I'm not there to treat him. Kikiki~
Cari punya cari punya cari, finally I found this layout. It's simple but it really resembles Mr Chocolate.:) And thanks for the smile Mr Chocolate.
Apart from him, I have another hero, hahahahaha!
Here he is~

Nama nya Obot. Obot is my new companion. Hehehe~ He urged me to study when I was getting sleepy. hahaha~ ini pon species comel! sukak! kui2...;).
Ini sahaja untuk hari ini. Mahu tidor sudah, tidor ataupun layan movie sket sebelom struggle balik esok~ heee. Berjuang kawan-kawan! ^_^


atikus_hakita said...

fitri!!!kte ad hero yg sme..hehehehe
nie msti dpt dr kinder joy kn??=)

Fi3LiNa said...

heee.aah.... kinder joy! dah lama beli baru nak pasang.ngeee~ beli kat mangalore nihhh..haha.bkn maen jauh.:P

Akmal Kassim said...

haha... i hv one too... tp da kena culik dgn si budak kecik...

Fi3LiNa said...

xpe, actually suppose bnda ni utk budak kechik, budak besar x yah da.haha.

Akmal Kassim said...

ok wat robot tu... comel kot.. b4 dis robot tu berada di atas dashboard kete... tp skang budak kecik tu da telan kot... haha.. da hilang je rsnya... benda tu dijual ea kat sana?? brape??