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Friday, February 12, 2010

they are the reasons I'm strong like superwoman~

Laid down on my bed.
Everything mixes up now.
I have to bear for another 6 months before I can go back to the place where I belong~
It's all about the matter of worth or not you spend 17k to go back home from this so-called-lovely India to Malaysia for just 1 weeks++.
The offer has ended, serves me right then, making up decision on the last minute.:(
But, it's okay, it's kinda another one more test for me to be strong and to be matured enuf as I will be 21 this coming August and obtain the liberty. Ohh, LIBERTY.

Rindu mereka ini.

++from left:adam,aliff,abah,mama,wawa++

++from left:ina,aliff,mama,wawa,abah++

I am standing now because of you guys. Thanks a lot.:)


farina said...

i like this..hee.. b strong k babe..;)

Fi3LiNa said...

baek adik ku sayang. I love you lots!!!