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Wednesday, February 17, 2010

the ending of something but the beginning of other something.

Hey ppl. Salam to all. Exam's over and good for that. For almost a month I had a dreamless sleep, tachycardia, and even unintentional tremor, this big event has ended: University Exams. Right on this date:February, 17th 2010. Outcome? Still waiting for the results. All in all, to be brief, the theory papers were quite hard and sometimes confusing. You had to be confident in answering and completing all the questions. Regarding the practical papers, most of them were easy kot. but, as usual, I was a bit careless and simply lost the marks which I suppose to score. Just let by gone be by gone. I just pray for the best now. I wish I pass all the subjects, same goes to all my friends out there after those struggling days together for a year. Suitable word for now: TAWAKAL.

Ending of the University exams mean the holidays begin. A month holiday. :D. But, to my surprise and even my family's surprise, I don't go back home. Yeah, they were all surprised when I first told them.( This sooo unmaturedddd girl ever on Earth tak balik Malaysia cuti nieee? huuuu.... perubahhaann!) This is the dialogue that is kept repeated. Hee~ I've grown up, ma. I don't cry abah. :) Already 20 kowt, tak kan tak nak berubah! heee~ =)

And the ending of University exams mean, the journey will be about to begin. touring whole India for about 3 weeks. and one advice for that: GOOD LUCK.;)

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